Mucho Mangoes

Mucho Mangoes was born out of a passion and desire to eliminate waste, loss and poverty in the Kenyan mango industry. Mr Didas Mzirai who is the CEO helps smallholder farmers reduce waste and mass-produce fruit that meets export standards.and mass-produce fruit that meets export standards.


AkiraChix was formed about 8 years ago when a group of young women practicing tech in various places convened at the iHub and had a conversation which led to one conclusion. They were a minority! This led to the foundation of Akirachix where they provide training, mentorship and outreach programs to increase the number of skilled women in technology and positively impact the community in Nairobi.

Kwacha Afrika

Kwacha Afrika was founded by a group of young volunteers in 2000 in Mombasa. They wanted to explore theater as a tool of offering educative messages to the community on issues of Adolescence, Reproductive Health and the negative impact of HIV & AIDS using Participatory Educational Theatre (PET) as a main approach to disseminate its messages. They seek to engage youth living in poverty both in and out of school in social and economic empowerment initiatives thereby uplifting their living standards.

The Somo Project

The Somo Project was started by Amelia who is the co-founder and executive director of the Somo Project. She conceived of Somo while working summers in a school in Kibera, Nairobi where she launched operations and the initial training cohort while still a student at University of California, Berkeley and moved to Nairobi full-time in 2016. Their mission is to identify, train, fund and mentor entrepreneurs looking to drive social change by building enterprises in their own low-income urban communities. 

Kenya Community Media Network

KCOMNET was founded by a voluntary group of individuals, media practitioners, NGOs, and community media groups with an interest in development communications and promotion of community media in Kenya. Over the years, KCOMNET has focused its engagements on the development of community media in Nairobi. The Network provides a platform for networking between community media, with other media stakeholders, and the general public. It also mobilizes resources for the development of community media in Kenya.  

Asante Africa Foundation

Asante Africa Foundation is a strong, vibrant, and engaged global team committed to empowering East Africa’s youth in Narok to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. They deliver an ecosystem model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges.  


LivelyHoods is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 2011 that creates jobs for youth and women in Kenyan slums especially in Nairobi through the distribution of life-improving products. They began with a line of solar lamps and have expanded to include affordable, high quality, and eco-friendly products not otherwise readily available in slums, including, but not limited to, cleaner-burning cook stoves, solar products, reading glasses, and household appliances. 


ZanaAfrica was founded in 2007 by Megan Mukuria and Lawino Kagumba, a Kenyan-based social enterprise in Kilifi that aims to expand access to quality and affordable sanitary pads in the marketplace in Kenya to more than 10,000 girls a year, while also leading local and international advocacy efforts to break the period taboo. They equip adolescent girls with the tools they need to stay in school and thrive. 

Signs Media Kenya Limited

Signs TV based in Nairobi identified and realized that the media being a tool to entertain, inform and educate has performed dismally at trying to cater for the population that has got hearing impairments thereby making them not access information. They are working towards creating an electronic media interface which will enable broadcast through Kenya Sign Language (KSL), English Language and the Kiswahili Language which they intend to run bilingually. 

EmpServe Kenya

Empower and Serve Kenya is a society of vibrant young men and women in Kajiado empowered to be the change they want for positive impact in communities. Their programs are modeled to tap into the diversity of youth to mentor and support their growth in order to create sustainable and scalable initiatives in the region by supporting them on their journey to success that will transform different sectors of economy while creating new jobs and increasing prosperity in their local communities. 


Mentorthon is an annual countrywide call for professionals, brands, corporates, entrepreneurs and leaders to give 42 hours to mentor high school students based in Elgeyo Marakwet. They bring together students to learn self-belief and self-control from the stories of the leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and brands invited. Aside from all these benefits, mentorship opportunities offer an opening for professionals and corporates to Pay Forward, to the next generation, the lessons we have learnt on our journey in life. 

Regeneration Environmental Services

Regeneration Africa is an innovative and revolutionary company making construction materials from recycled plastics working in Kilifi to regenerate waste into high quality eco-constructed products, creating environment enhancing solutions and improving lives. It provides high quality environmentally friendly bricks resulting to a high demand for waste plastic, which then creates a supply chain system that sustains environmental cleaning and promotes the protection of Kenya’s precious environment, especially its wildlife, forests and ocean marine life.



Imara.TV is a digital media platform working in Nairobi that Crowd sources and Vets Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) information and resources using a 3-pronged approach that encompasses the socio-economic life of Kenyan youths which are to educate, entertain and empower so as to easily access in a safe and fun way. It is one of the 4 startups that have been selected for seed funding and acceleration by the IAmInitiativeKe program sponsored by the Government of Kenya, UNFPA, UKaid and Nailab.   

Farmers Pride

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of Africa economy and yet most farmers struggle to access quality agricultural inputs and services. Farmers Pride is changing all that by being a last mile distribution of life changing agriculture solutions enterprise through an agro-dealer franchise model, village youth agents and mobile technology. They mostly work with rural smallholder farmers in Machakos making them more prosperous and happy.

Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya

Deaf Empowerment Society of Kenya (DESK) was established in late 2013 and became fully operational in 2015 with its Head-Office based in Embu County. Being the only Organization of its kind in Kenya they advance deaf persons’ independence and empowerment in Kenya by increasing access to economic resources and entrepreneurship, education and training, leadership, human rights and decision-making as well as health, sexual and reproductive health rights. 

Solar Freeze

Solar Freeze is a team of a new young generation of Africans with an average age of 27 years who are pioneering the use of portable solar powered assets in Machakos such as solar cold storage for rural smallholder farmers to help them effectively deal with postharvest loss through a holistic approach from storage to transportation and selling fresh produce via energy efficient trucks and finally to the end consumer who will benefit from reduced prices. 

BrightGreen Renewable Energy

BrightGreen was founded in 2015 and is located in the heart of Nairobi. They are focused on innovation, production, and distribution of safe and smokeless charcoal briquettes made from recycled organic waste from urban centers and rural farms to provide green cooking energy to homes across Africa. They have partnered with several local communities to transform different kinds of waste into high-performance fuels. 

Mantle Africa Ltd

Mantle Africa Ltd is a micro credit and asset investment firm based in Nairobi that offers asset financing products and services to people at the base of the economic pyramid. They primarily offer asset financing to the motorbike transportation industry popularly known as Bodabodas the repayment for the asset finance being done on a period of up to 12 months. 

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